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What is this?

FellowSites is a co-operative web hosting provider affectionately dubbed a “fellowship of websites.” It started in 2003 when a small group of friends pooled their resources to lower their monthly hosting costs.

We’ve since grown into our own dedicated server, making it possible for us to offer better services at even lower costs.

A revolutionary hosting model

We’re completely unlike any host you’ve seen before. We don’t limit you to choosing package A or package B — we let you make your own hosting plan. What’s more, we’re not trying to make any money here, so we pass the wholesale price right along to you. FellowSites only makes enough money each year to break even.

More information

For more information about our dues structure and account features, see our hosting page.

A few of our fellows

Since we’re more of a club than a company, we call our clients “fellows.” Here’s a handful of them: